Room 11 – Mrs Karen Derschow

Year 2

Welcome to Room 11 where all students are encouraged to embrace learning with great enthusiasm.  Through explicit instruction students are provided multiple opportunities to practice skills and learn content.


Our effective Literacy Block commences with all students consolidating their phonemic knowledge through PLD resources and activities. Students read daily using the Dandelion Decodable Readers supporting their decoding skills when reading. Talk for Reading and Talk for Writing are a key component of our Literacy Block, allowing for engaging writing and reading lessons centred around a modelled text.


Throughout or effective Numeracy Block, we are engaging with PRIME Mathematical Program. Through explicit instruction students will be consolidating their understanding of number facts to 1000 and mental strategies supporting addition and subtraction. Students are given the opportunity to learn, rehearse and apply learnt mathematical knowledge and skills through concrete, pictorial, and abstract methods.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Semester in Room 11.

Mrs Karen Derschow