Room 11

Year 2 – Mrs Jennifer Wijeratne

Hello and welcome to Room 11, my name is Jennifer Wijeratne. I will be teaching Year 2?s at Cassia Primary School. In our classroom we will strive to be active and successful learners.


At Cassia Primary School we use the program Talk 4 Writing to teach reading and writing skills. In Room 11 we will be looking at different forms of texts such as poems, narratives and non-fiction texts. Students will be identifying the elements of different text structures and building on their creativity. In Room 11 we will be building on our spelling rules, and in reading students will be working on their comprehension, concepts of print and fluency.


In Number and Algebra, we are building on our understanding of place value into the thousands. We will be using written and mental strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Throughout the year we will also be learning about number patterns, money, seasons, shapes, chance and much more!.

Humanities and Social Sciences

In Humanities and Social Sciences, we will be focusing on past and present and making comparisons between the two. Students will be learning about the geography of Australia and about different landmarks throughout.


For health Room 11 we will be looking at eating healthily and the importance of physical education. We will also be focusing on safe and meaningful social interactions amongst other people.

Information Communication Technology

Room 11 will be learning about design and creation of products to meet the needs of society, for Design and Technology. In Digital Technology we will be looking at digital systems and patterns in data. 

Together Room 11 will work hard to be responsible, resilient and successful learners..