Room 12 – Ms Vicky Li

Year 2


Hello and welcome to Room 12! My name is Vicky Li and I am teaching Year Two in 2022.

At Cassia Primary School, the teaching strategy of Explicit Direct Instruction is used to support our students’ learning and mastery of new concepts. Cues and prompts and routinely checking for student understanding are used for student engagement and effective and immediate feedback help to support students better.

For Literacy, we will be using the whole school Talk 4 Writing program to allow for engaging writing lessons centred around a model text. The PLD phonics program has been implemented to place students into targeted spelling groups so they are taught the appropriate phonics for their level. We also use Educeri to deliver and practise reading and comprehension skills and students read the Dandelion Decodable Readers daily to support their decoding skills when reading. 

It has been pleasing to see so many students embrace Cassia’s whole school reading program. The enthusiasm for reading evident in so many students is brilliant.

In Numeracy, we are using the Prime Mathematics program to deliver content, practice and assessment. A few topics we will be covering this semester are numbers to 1000, effective addition and subtraction strategies 2D and 3D shapes and map reading.

Students will be also be assessed in the areas of Health, Digital Technologies, Design and Technology, HASS, Health and Dance. They are fortunate to take part in the subjects Art, Nyangumarta, Science and Music with specialist teachers at the school.

Students in Room 12 are working hard to demonstrate Cassia’s Positive Behaviour Focus of ‘We are Resilient’ by a keeping a positive and persistent attitude to all tasks in class, even when we are faced with a challenge!

If you wish to see me about anything, feel free to message me on SeeSaw to arrange a time to speak. I would be more than happy to keep you informed with how your child is progressing in class. I am looking forward to the year ahead and seeing what these students can accomplish!