Room 12

Year 2 – Mr Russell Lindsay

Dear Parents,

My name is Russell Lindsay and I am a Year Two Teacher at Cassia Primary School this year. I started at Cassia last year where I taught a mixed class of Year Two and Three. It was a joy to come to South Hedland. The Pilbara is beautiful, and Cassia is a school with wonderful energy.

My personal interests are in language and music, and I studied German at university and play the piano as my hobby. I love to listen to people play music. In Perth I taught piano lessons to eight children and I loved to see their progress. This activity taught me a lot about learning. We need to be patient with ourselves, set realistic goals and not give up. I heard a good quote once, ?If I am willing to do the work, I can achieve almost anything?. This reminds me that if we remember to keep trying, and doing our bit, we can certainly achieve a lot.

It is my wish that the children in my class will enjoy school and feel happy and relaxed there, gaining motivation and self-pride when they see their achievements. At Cassia, teachers work well together sharing ideas and the latest professional knowledge. We are implementing Explicit Direct Instruction and have been using Talk For Writing in our literacy program. These are proven methods for helping children learn, and I am excited to learn about them and use them, together with my teacher colleagues.

Shann Moody is the EA in my classroom and has long experience at Cassia Primary, and Aboriginal knowledge.

Please feel free to meet with me, after school, if you would like to talk.