Room 13 – Ms Marija Koneska

Welcome to Room 13, my name is Miss Marija Koneska and I have the pleasure of teaching Year 2/3. 

As Cassia is a Positive Behaviour Support school we strive to become responsible, resilient and reach for success in our classroom. Through the delivery of Explicit Direct Instruction students have the opportunity to practise and learn new skills, grow and achieve their full potential. 

Literacy: Our morning starts off with our Literacy Block, commencing with Spelling, incorporating our PLD phonics program that is tailored to the student’s levels of learning. We then continue with our Talk for Writing program where students can develop their writing using a modelled text. Students use the Dandeloin Decodable Readers to develop their decoding, fluency and reading. 

Numeracy: During our Numeracy Block we engage with our Prime Mathematics Program. Students participate in a Maths Warm Up, followed by the concept development, guided practice and independent practice. This semester, through Explicit Instruction students are learning about numbers from 1 to 1000, a variety of mathematical strategies that support addition and subtraction and 2D shapes. Students are given the opportunity to further their learning using manipulative, pictorial and abstract methods. 

This semester Thursday is our library day. In HASS we are currently learning history. In the arts we are incorporating dance and learning about the different elements. For digital technology we are learning about computer parts including hardware and software. In health students we teach students about the Zones of Regulation. In design and technology we are currently focusing on robotics. 

If you wish to make a time to meet in person or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on Seesaw. 

I look forward to a fantastic and successful year!