Room 13

Room 13 – Miss Kelly Westcott

I am Miss Westcott and I would like to welcome you to Room 13, Year 2. Through the use of the gradual release process students will be guided through their development in each subject. This is the process of ’I do’ where the content is modelled by the teacher, ?we do? where students are guided by the teacher on the concept, and ’you do’ where students are able to apply the skills they learnt independently.


In our class this year we are exploring poetry, narrative and recount writing through the Talk for Writing program. Students will be exploring different elements of writing at word, sentence, paragraph and whole text level.


Using the Diana Rigg program students will be focusing on phonics, spelling rules and sight words to improve their spelling knowledge.


Students will be learning how to print their letters using Victorian Modern Cursive focusing on correct formation to make the introduction into cursive easier next year. 


Students will be exploring reading and comprehension through gradual release practices of shared, guided and independent reading. Students have access to books in the classroom, in addition to book borrowing in the library and decodable home readers.


Students will explore Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement using a range of multimodal resources.


This term students will be covering personal, social and community health. They will be explore assertive actions, healthy routines, personal identities and who influences them, and how relationships and identity change and why .


We will be exploring what hardware and software is and what each part of the computer does.

Thank you for being a part of the Cassia community, it will be an exciting year.

Kelly Westcott