Room 14

Room 14 Mr Andrew Rhodes

My name is Mr. Andrew Rhodes, and I am the Year 3 teacher in Room 14.

At Cassia Primary School, the students come first. Young people all have individual needs that must be satisfied before any form of teaching can take place. Alongside the students, we foster a caring and supportive classroom environment. Students are taught acceptable behaviours and emotionally supported through PBS, FSP and Zones of Regulation programs. I further implement a range of strategies to ensure that every student knows that they belong as part of our classroom family and broader school community.  In Room 14, students are given an opportunity to learn through a variety of means including interactive whiteboard activates, collaborative group work, individual tutoring, smart devices and laptops whilst incorporating traditional teaching practices. This enables students to gain mastery of specific concepts as they are gradually released towards independent success.

In Literacy we teach phonics using PLD resources developed by Diane Rigg. Students will be placed in targeted spelling groups and taught appropriate level words and phonics knowledge which ultimately aids students in their writing as well as their reading and decoding of texts. We are also in our third year of implementing the Talk for Writing program at Cassia Primary School. This is a highly scaffolded approach to writing instruction which encourages students to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading, analysing and then writing their own version.

In Numeracy we will begin by focusing on place value and number sense to ensure a solid ground work is laid for future education. We will later progress towards developing strategies to solve problems involving addition, subtraction and multiplication. We use a variety of resources in mathematics including Mathletics, ReSolve, Money Smart, Paul Swan activities and Cambridge HOTmaths. Teaching through a variety of means and equipping our students with multiple strategies for problem solving ensures that they gain a deeper conceptual understanding of the required content.

This year your child can also expect to be exposed to a variety of digital technologies and STEM projects. During Semester 1 we will be researching properties of objects and ways products are designed to meet community needs. Students will then design and engineer an insulated lunch box that will keep food as cool as possible in the heat of summer. Students will also learn about computers, experiment with peripheral devices and collect and represent data using a variety of means and software. In HASS we will take an inquiry based learning approach, allowing us to investigate a variety of community groups and discuss the purpose of rules within communities. We will later continue to research historically significant members of the Hedland community, and learn about a variety of celebrations both here and internationally.

Phew! We have a lot to get through. But I know we can do it if we all work together. Please feel free to contact me at any time via the SeeSaw app or by coming into Room 13 before or after school.

Andrew Rhodes