Room 16 -Mr Matthew Ullrich

Hello and welcome to Room 16! 

In Term 1 we are focusing on several different topics and have quite a few exciting events going on. 

In Literacy, a large focus for our Talk for Writing unit is on creating purposeful persuasive writing letters, using very strong descriptive and emotive language tools, to create a very powerful opinion. A big focus of ours is also on our PLD spelling, with a wide range of sounds adjusted for the needs of our diverse students. Within Educeri Reading, we are building our toolkit on how to make inferences within text types. 

Within our Mathematics block, we are focusing on mental addition, learning the split strategy and working on our ability to regroup by carrying numbers. In addition to mental addition, we will soon be starting measurement, focusing on both length and mass, which are all being supported by our PRIME maths program.  The pedagogical focus, or the teaching style, within Room 16 is using Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). This kind of teaching strategy is extremely effective at addressing the reduction of in-school variability and supports student engagement and learning with the students being at the centre of everything we do at Cassia.