Room 18 – Ms Kellie Mills

Year 4

Welcome to Room 18, my name is Miss Kellie Mills and I have the pleasure of teaching the Year 4 students in Room 18. I would like to inform you of the variety of topics and concepts that I will be covering in the following learning areas with the students. 


At Cassia, students start their morning with a Literacy Block. First up is Spelling, using the PLD phonics program, differentiated based on student ability. Next is Talk for Writing, that will develop student skills in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry writing. We end the block with Educeri to develop reading comprehension.  


In our Numeracy Blocks, students complete daily mental maths and reviews, where they build up their automaticity skills, increase vocabulary, and consolidate concepts previously taught. Students are then explicitly taught strategies to problem solve and given multiple opportunities to apply these strategies to their learning using Prime.

In addition to Literacy and Numeracy, we will also be learning about being safe online and digital systems in Digital Technology. In Design and Technology, we are learning about food and fibre production. In Health, we teach students about the Zones of Regulations and follow the Friendly School Plus program. In HASS this semester we are doing History and Civics and Citizenship. This year we also have the addition of Dance.

If you have any questions or wish to make a time to meet with me, please feel free to contact me through Seesaw. I look forward to a wonderful and productive year.