Room 19 – Miss Jennifer Wijeratne

Hello and welcome to Room 19, my name is Jennifer Wijeratne. I am a Year 4 teacher at Cassia Primary School. In our classroom we will strive to be active and successful learners.


At Cassia Primary School we use the program Talk 4 Writing to teach reading and writing skills. In Room 19 we will be looking at different forms of texts such as poems, narratives and non-fiction writing, that focuses heavily on characterisation, text structure and interesting vocabulary. Students will be building on their creativity and practicing their spelling rules. In reading students will be working on their comprehension skills and reading fluently with expression.


In Mathematics we use a program called PRIME. In Number and Algebra, we are learning numbers to 100 000 and how add and subtract numbers with 5-digits. We will be using written and mental strategies to solve these problems. Throughout Semester One we will also be learning about multiplication, division, graphing, angles, area and much more! We love to interact with maths and apply it into our everyday lives!

Humanities and Social Sciences

In Humanities and Social Sciences, we will be focusing on Australian History. Our focus in Term One is to understand the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s first people and to identify the first fleet settlers who inhabited Australia.


For Health Room 19 we will be using the program Zones of Regulation and Friendly Schools Plus. Zones of Regulation is an excellent program to teach students about their different emotions and what strategies they can use when they are feeling certain emotions. In Friendly Schools Plus we learn about accepting each other’s differences and how to make new meaningful friendships.

Information Communication Technology

Room 19 will be learning about food production and water distribution, for Design and Technology. Our focus is to identify the journey that our food and water take to get to us and the steps involved to make it safe for human consumption. In Digital Technology we will be focusing on the importance of netiquette when going online. Our goal in Semester One is to help students understand how to be safe on the internet and to recognise potential scams. Students will also be practicing creating documents and presentations.

Together Room 19 will work hard to be responsible, resilient and successful learners.