Room 22

Year 5 – Mr Shaveen Gunendra

Hello everyone, my name is Shaveen Gunendra and I will be the classroom teacher of Room 22 (Year 5) for this year. I have just graduated from Edith Cowan University last year and this will be the first official classroom I will be teaching in my teaching career. I will do my utter best in taking care of the students in this classroom and helping them grow to be global citizens.

I believe that education to children first and foremost involves the child knowing that he/she is in a safe environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them. I also believe that students learn best when they know that what they are learning will help them to become better people in the future but also assist them in later life and beyond.

Other than the behaviour policy that Cassia Primary already implements, I will also use a budget system, where students are given jobs to do and they will be paid for those jobs (via fake money) and from the money they get, they have to pay rent, electricity, etc. They will also be able to use their money to buy vouchers or rewards. This is one of the ’real-life’ experiences they will have during their time in this classroom.

EnglishDuring literacy, students will be involved in building their abilities via the talk for write program. Utilising this program, students will be able to enhance their writing by using what they are saying. Through this, students will be learning to produce writing in forms of narratives, persuasive texts, information writing, recounts and other text types. Furthermore, students will be also enhancing their punctuation and spelling. 

MathematicsDuring Numeracy, students will be learning different methods of multiplication and will also learn some division. Students will learn to find out their answers via the traditional written method and other ways of doing multiplication and of course using technology to find out their answers as well. In Measurement, students will be learning to use different units of measurements and be familiarising the different ways of calculating the perimeter and area of rectangles. Students will also be learning about time. For statistics and probability, students will be doing different chance experiments and then be able to put the results of their experiments into a table. 

Other subject areaIn term 1, during HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) students will be learning about the Australian colonies. In health, students will be learning to communicate and interact with each other to help support their wellbeing.Shaveen Gunendra