Room 22 – Mrs Tina Wilkinson

Wayapa! My name is Mrs Wilkinson and I am from NSW from Wonnarua Country. I am very excited to be teaching in room 22 and having the opportunity to work with your children. I believe our students are our future. Each of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Teaching is an important and honorable occupation that demands commitment, passion and consistency.

I consider myself as part of a body and work collaboratively with other staff members such as Executive, administration staff, Librarians, school psychologist, EAL/D, LOTE etc., to achieve maximum results in the classroom and school.

I encourage students to think in a rational way which can then be applied in all situations both in and out of the school environment. They should be able to present their knowledge in a way that catches interest, clarifies questions and is relevant and meaningful to students. I work towards instilling values that are universal such as respect for themselves, family and society and an understanding of differences and points of view.

Along with my personal teaching philosophy, I currently support the school’s vision. I empower students to direct their own learning based on curiosity and passion by providing engaging lessons as well as continuing to implement innovative lessons that provide my students with interest to assist in their educational development. Using ICT Tools which was a huge success in my classroom in previous classrooms, spark student’s curiosity to engage in their lesson, and show interest in wanting to know more

Within room 22 I promote the development of skills such as courage, cooperation, respect, responsibility and achieving personal best, all students are engaged with their learning, develop persistence and perseverance, value their individuality and become emotionally more adaptable to deal with many different situations in their lives.

I am constantly challenging my students to be courageous, become risk takers and to push beyond what is expected of them. This has been done by providing students with multiple opportunities where they can challenge themselves to think outside the box and most of all to have self-belief, as well as understand that every failed experience is one step closer to their success.

I am a passionate advocate for student wellbeing and have implemented safe and supportive environments. Reinforcing consistent expectations of the school values and PBS within the school environment promotes student wellbeing. I implement wellbeing policies in the classroom and wider school context to provide consistency, positivity and fairness. This enables students to feel less anxious and safe to learn in a comfortable and positive environment with a clear understanding of the school values and expectations.

Please feel free to come say hello or arrange to talk about your child’s progress at any time.