Room 23 – Miss Donna Winter

Welcome to our families of Room 23. I am excited to be teaching your child’s last year at Cassia Primary School. I am looking forward to meeting new families and families of students I have taught previously.

We are implementing Explicit Direct Instruction, my focus as a teacher is to make sure that concept development for all students is supported through the use of academic language with questions to check for understanding. Our class goal is to have students answer using full sentences which ties in nicely when checking for understanding.

Students are learning how to use Connect as this is a skill they require to know how to use for high school. They are able to access notices, submit work and use their school email account to send and receive emails if they need to ask something.

Literacy blocks students are working on spelling words and dictation at their ability levels. Talk for Writing continues to be implemented to enhance their writing skills – our focus this term started with persuasive letter writing for leadership applications and characterisation through a wishing tale. They will be using tools to have their writing sound exciting and describing their characters to engage a reader.

PRIME continues to be used in the classroom as this covers all areas of Numeracy that need to be taught. We have looked prime, composite, square, triangular numbers and how they can use divisibility rules for certain numbers. We are now covering mixed operations with and without brackets and have learnt about the BODMAS rule when applying these strategies. Next, we will be looking at angles followed on by transformations.

Room 23 continue with specialist subject areas in LOTE (Indonesian), Science, Art, PE and Music. Our class will develop their technology skills through digital and design technologies and Dance activities.

During HASS our Year 6 students are studying History in Term One with a research project due at the end of this term – notes have gone home. Civics and Citizenship will be taught in Term Two to hopefully coincide with the federal election.

Cassia Primary School use Positive Behaviour Support with school wide lessons designed around the focus which changes weekly.

If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact myself through Seesaw or the front office and I will call to arrange an interview as soon as possible and will be conducted over the phone.