Room 23

Year 6 – Mr Jeremy Kane

I am excited to be working to help your child achieve their full potential in their final year of primary school.

One of my early focuses is on ensuring all students abide by the Cassia behaviour expectations: We are responsible, we are resilient and we reach for success. These create a safe and productive learning environment and lay the foundation for an excellent year of learning. As leaders of our school (whether they hold a formal student leadership position or not) Year 6 students are the role models younger students will look to in this regard. Our school has significant resources and programs to support students in this including our Friendly Schools Plus program, Zones of Regulation and PBS.

As there are two Year 6 classes this year, Room 23 will be working closely with their peers in Room 24 and Miss Mills.

In our Literacy blocks students will be developing their oral and written language skills through the Talk for Writing program. In addition to explicitly teaching writing skills on a word, sentence and whole text basis, Talk for Writing involves plenty of oral language practice. If students can’t say what they want to communicate, then they can’t write it. We hope you will see this at home when students recite the class text and share the actions that go with it. Reading comprehension, fluency and automaticity is developed through Talk for Reading. Daily home reading is vital to support their reading develop and this will form part of their homework.

In our Numeracy Blocks, students will complete warm up’s, where they build up their automaticity skills, increase vocabulary, and consolidate concepts covered, be explicitly taught strategies to problem solve and given multiple opportunities to apply these strategies to their learning.

Room 23 students are very lucky to be part of a new innovative pilot program which will equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for the jobs of the future. The Automation pilot will give students ’hands on’ experiences in the field of automation and increase awareness of careers in technology. In Semester One we will be introducing Music and in HASS we will start with History, focussing on Australia’s Federation and we will move into Civics and Citizenship. In Semester Two we will be focussing on Business and Economics and Geography and continuing with Drama.

Mr Kane.