Room 24

Year 6 – Miss Kellie Mills

Welcome to Room 24, my name is Miss Kellie Mills and I have the pleasure of teaching the Year 6 students in Room 24. Year 6 is a very exciting and eventful year, with camp, graduation and high school transition being the biggest events. However Year 6 is also a very important year, as it is the last year of Primary School. Room 24 students are the leaders of the school and will lead by example inside and outside the classroom by being responsible, resilient and reaching for success.

I would like to inform you of the variety of topics and concepts that we will be cover-ing in the following learning areas. As there are two Year 6 classes this year the students in Room 24 will be working closely with their peers in Room 23 and Mr Kane.


Literacy Our Literacy Blocks start with levelled groups using the Diana Rigg spelling program. After spelling, students complete daily handwriting and grammar lessons. Students then complete a Talk for Reading lesson to improve fluency, expression and complete set task to improve comprehension. Students are encouraged to read at home every night for homework, they may take levelled home readers and library books home. Students will be planning, rehearsing and presenting oral speeches throughout the term and completing two Talk For Writing units a term, one focussing on Fiction and the other on Non-Fiction.


In our Numeracy Blocks, students will complete warm up’s, where they build up their automaticity skills, increase vocabulary, and consolidate concepts covered, be explicitly taught strategies to problem solve and given multiple opportunities to apply these strategies to their learning.

Other Learning Areas

Room 24 students are very lucky to be part of a new innovative pilot program which will equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for the jobs of the future. The Automation pilot will give students &rsquohands on’ experiences in the field of automation and increase awareness of careers in technology. In Semester One we will be introducing Music and in HASS we will start with History, focussing on Australia’s Federation and we will move into Civics and Citizenship. In Semester Two we will be focussing on Business and Economics and Geography and continuing with Drama.

If you have any questions or wish to make a time to meet with me please feel free to contact me through Seesaw. I look forward to a wonderful and productive year.