Room 24 – Ms Rebecca Nelson

Welcome to Room 24! This term we have are learning about a variety of topics. In Talk for Writing, we are learning about wishing narratives. 

In Maths, we have been learning about prime numbers, composite numbers and integers supported by the PRIME Maths Workbook. We are revising out multiple digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies before we move into our next topic, Order of Operations.

At Cassia Primary School, we use the evidenced based teaching strategy of Explicit Direct Instruction to support our students’ mastery of new concepts. We use EDI across all subjects, specifically in Literacy and Numeracy using cues and prompts to support student engagement, effective and immediate feedback as well as routinely checking for understanding. 

In Room 24, we are preparing for our transition into High School, so our Positive Behaviour Focus is ‘We are Responsible.’ Year 6 students regularly have opportunities to demonstrate responsibility through leadership roles, running Mother’s Day and Father’s day stalls and other fundraising events.