Room 24

Year 6 – Miss Rebecca Nelson

Welcome to Room 24! My name is Miss Rebecca Nelson, and I will be teaching your child this year. I am so excited to be a part of your child’s learning journey and I am looking forward to learning alongside my students.

One of my early focuses is on ensuring all students abide by the Cassia behaviour expectations: We are responsible, we are resilient, and we reach for success. These behaviour expectations are explicitly taught and practiced in our classrooms. These routines help provide students with a safe and productive learning environment and prepare them for an excellent year of learning. Early in the year, we will be focusing on establishing positive peer and student-teacher relationships of trust, respect and understanding.

In our Literacy Blocks students will be developing their oral and written language skills through the Talk for Writing program. This program provides students the opportunity to learn different writing conventions through exposure to a variety of mentor texts and vocabulary. Talk for Writing helps students to develop their oral language and communication, and in turn, improve their writing. Similarly, students will be developing their comprehension and fluency though the Talk for Reading program.

In our Numeracy Blocks, students will be developing their mathematics skills following the PRIME Maths book. Students will be taught explicitly, using manipulatives to help them understand different concepts and then practising these skills in their workbooks.