Room 5

Miss Katie Gale &

Welcome to Room 5 with Katie Apedaile

I have been in the Pilbara at Cassia Primary School for four years and really enjoy the community that we have here. I have two children, Byron and Asha who also attend Cassia Primary School. I have a passion for music and can play the guitar and this year I am having piano lessons. 

My personal philosophy for teaching is to engage the students in the curriculum using hands on, fun and engaging, multimodal ways. I have a passion in The Arts and integrate music and drama with English, Mathematics and Health. I also believe it is important to support students’ Social and Emotional development and I incorporate yoga, mindfulness, meditation and tai chi daily. 

Our focus for this year will be to develop the whole child. 

Throughout the year, students will develop their skills in mathematical concepts and the foundations for Literacy. This includes, number recognition, principles of counting, addition, early division, mass, length, two-dimensional and three-dimensional shape and collecting data and some simple ways to represent it. 

English skills include Phonological Awareness, phonics, decoding and encoding words for reading and spelling, strengthening fine motor and hand eye coordination. We develop the students’ oral language skills, reading and writing in various ways including Talk for Writing, Talk for Reading, guided reading and Writing in the Sand.

I am looking forward to a fun, engaging year with Room 5 and watching the students grow and blossom.