Room 6 – Ms Katie Gale

Room 6 – Pre-Primary/Year One – Miss Katie Gale

Welcome to Room 6. Pre-Primary and Year One are exciting year with a range of new learning experiences and opportunities. In our classroom we provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all, embracing diversity, student needs and student achievement.


In Literacy we use the Talk for Writing program to develop students writing skills. This program is based on enabling children to imitate language required for a topic orally before analysing the text, innovating on this text and finally independent application, writing their own text. This term we will be focusing on collaboratively writing stories and innovating on these to create independent stories to share with the class, we have also been exploring persuasive texts.

Our PLD (Promoting Literacy Development) spelling program is a synthetic based phonics approach to developing language skills. This program provides a comprehensive, differentiated and sequenced approach for phonics. We have been busy learning sounds that letters make, blending and segmenting consonant-vowel-consonant words and developing oral language. We have been developing our phonological awareness skills using the Heggerty program and refining our handwriting using the Writing in the Sand program and correct pencil grip.


In Numeracy this term we have been learning to read, write and say numerals to 10. We are also learning days of the week, two-dimensional objects and simple number bonds. Each concept is taught using the Explicit Direct Instruction model with the PRIME mathematics program.


In HASS this term we have started our History Unit about personal histories. Students are learning about different family structures, where different families come from and about the past, present and future.

Other skills we are continually developing:

  • Using manners
  • Social and emotional interaction skills
  • Problem solving
  • Asking questions
  • Answering questions in complete sentences