Room 7 – Ms Brittany Smeed

Welcome to Room 7, my name is Miss Brittany Smeed and I am so excited for the year ahead with the enthusiastic, extraordinary individuals in year 1. We are so fortunate to have Miss Sydney Notis to support us in our learning, and we hope to foster a love of learning in all students. As stated in Cassia’s school vision, all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and through the use of the evidence-based approach of explicit direct instruction, new concepts in Mathematics and English are delivered in a strategic manner in order for all students to master.  

In literacy, we use the PLD program to develop our understanding of phonics and spelling, as well as the Heggerty program for oral language development. In Talk for Writing we have focused on the purpose of persuasive letters and the different elements of a persuasive text, such as time connectives and descriptive language. We have been writing letters to Mrs Ward trying to persuade her that we need our favourite food places at school! Next, we are moving on to learning about narratives.  

In numeracy, we are practicing counting forwards and backwards. Using the EDI approach, we have been mastering a range of addition and subtraction strategies in our Prime books, like using number lines, number bonds and fact families. 

In history, we have been learning what the words past, present and future mean, and thinking about how times have changed. We have also been learning about days, months and seasons, as well as the Aboriginal seasons. We have reflected on our own lives and the special days that have been important to us, as well as special celebrations from around the world, and the things that make up a special celebration.  

In health we have been learning about our zones of regulation, what the different zones are and some strategies we can use to get back into the green zone when we are not in it. We have also been learning about germs and the importance of thorough hand washing and hygiene.  

In design and technology, we have been learning about the products plants and animals produce that we see around us every day, like sheep producing wool and trees producing wood. We have also been thinking about the needs of these animals and plants in order to produce their products. At the end of the term, we will be making a mini-farm that has all the needs for an animal of our choice.  

In digital technology we have been learning about what the difference between hardware and software is, as well as what the different parts of a computer are.  

As a class, we are always striving to work hard and demonstrate the Cassia behaviour expectations of “we are responsible, we are resilient, and we reach for success”. We celebrate outstanding behaviour in room 7 with students consistently working hard to earn greenies. The start of 2022 has been fantastic in room 7, and I cannot wait to see what the remainder of the year brings, and all the achievements each student makes.