Room 7

Room 7 – Year One – Miss Katie Gale

Welcome to Room 7. Year One is an exciting year with a range of new learning experiences and opportunities. We encourage a growth mindset when approaching all tasks and We stick together providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all, embracing diversity, student needs and welcoming mistakes as opportunities to grow.


In Literacy this term we will be using the Talk for Writing program to develop students writing skills with a fiction focus on character description and then a nonfiction focus of recount writing.  This program is based on enabling children to imitate language required for a topic orally before analysing the text, innovating on this text and finally independent application, writing their own text. This also involves engaging students with a ‘hook’ to spark curiosity, before the introduction of a text to encourage engagement and imagination. 

Our PLD (Promoting Literacy Development) spelling program is a synthetic based phonics approach to developing language skills. This program provides a comprehensive, differentiated and sequenced approach for Spelling. Our grammar focus for the term is on punctuation, especially the correct use of capital letters and full stops in writing, to tie in with our writing we will also be learning about adjectives and the important role they play in ‘creating an image’. Students also practice handwriting three times a week, writing on dotted thirds. We also be implementing writing in the sand strategies to build on knowledge developed in pre-primary. 

In reading we will be explicitly learning key comprehension strategies such as making predictions, asking questions and making inferences. We will also be developing our ability to read short differentiated texts with meaning and fluency. 


In numeracy this term we will be covering a range of concepts and building on skills learnt in pre-primary. In Number and Algebra, we will be developing our ability to count to 50 and then 100. Making connections between number names, numerals and quantities and learning strategies to solve simple problems such as subtilising, rainbow facts and skip counting. 

In measurement and geometry will are learning about days of the week and months of the year which leads to time duration e.g. yesterday, tomorrow, next week. We are also learning about the names and features of 2-dimensional shapes.

Our statistics and probability focus will be learning about chance and events that will happen, might happen and won’t happen. 


This term in History we are learning about family structures, families from the past and present and roles and responsibilities of family members and how these have changed over time. 


In Health we will be learning about healthy eating, zones of regulation and implementing our whole school social and emotional skills development program Friendly Schools Plus (FSP). 

Music This semester we will be implementing the music curriculum into the class. I’m really excited about this as music is something I am quite passionate about and something I believe will be a very engaging and fun subject. 

I am so excited for what this year has to bring and all the amazing learning that will occur! I can’t wait to share this journey with you all. Also don’t forget to join Seesaw, where you will be updated regularly with pictures of your child’s fantastic work and achievements!