Room 8 – Ms Marlee Retz

Welcome to Room 8, a place for exploring, learning and making new connections.

In Literacy we are learning about persuasive texts and have been working on writing a letter to convince Mrs Ward that we should have McDonald’s at school! We have created a toolkit that we can refer to including; using adjectives, verbs and time connectives (such as first, second and third).

In Numeracy, we are focusing on number knowledge to 50, reading and writing numbers and consolidating principles of counting. We have started to learn about two- dimensional and three- dimensional shapes.

In History, we are exploring “present and past family life”. Investigating terms that signify the present, past and future as well as looking at significant dates such as birthdays, holidays and celebrations.

In Health, we are learning about our personal strengths and the strengths of others including positive ways to react to our emotions in different situations. This is supported by the programs: “Friendly Schools Plus” and “Zones of Regulation”.

In Dance, we are exploring movement ideas to create simple dance sequences and experimenting with the three elements of dance: body, space and time.

In Digital technology, we are learning about digital systems, how they are made up of  hardware and software are where/ how they are used in everyday life.

In Design and Technology, students of room 8 have been focusing on: Food and fibre production. Learning about how plants and animals have basic needs, such as food/nutrients, water, space and protection.

Other skills we are continuing to develop are:

  • Working with others.
  • Developing independence and social skills.
  • Developing oral language.
  • Asking lots of questions.
  • Making predictions and finding answers.

I look forward to a fantastic year,

Miss Retz