Room 8

Year 1 in Room 8 with Miss Williams

Welcome to Room 8. My name is Emma Williams and I will be the classroom teacher in Room 8 for 2020. This is my second year teaching at Cassia Primary School and I am so happy to have Year One again. 


At Cassia we implement the ‘Talk for Writing‘ (T4W) literacy program. This program is based on the principles of how children learn, and uses use story boards, imitation and actions to incorporate all types of learning (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinaesthetic) to scaffold the students in their writing. For spelling we will be following the whole school approach by using the PLD Diana Rigg synthetic phonics program. 


In Number and Algebra this year we will focus on recognising numbers up to 100, partitioning using place value and developing our skills to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. We will also explore Australian coins and halves.

In Measurement and Geometry, we will be learning to compare length, tell the time to the half hour and duration through the use of months, weeks, days and hours. We will also explore 2D shapes, patterns and directions.

In Statistics and Probability, we will be learning the likelihood and outcomes of familiar events, gathering data and learning to represent it. 

I look forward to meeting all the families and to a wonderful year of teacher and learning.