Room 9 – Ms Emily Glasson

Welcome to Year 1 in Room 9 with Miss Glasson!

In our classroom we focus on being friendly and kind students and strive to become active, successful members of our community. We strongly follow the Cassia Behaviour Expectations of we are responsible, we are resilient and we reach for success. Room 9 students receive engaging, challenging and thought-provoking lessons that are delivered through Explicit Direct Instruction and involve technology for students to Inspire, Believe and Achieve. 


As part of a whole school approach, we follow the Talk for Writing program which focuses on engaging spoken activities to develop writing skills in narratives, persuasive texts and poetry. This program is complemented by the Talk for Reading program which assists development with comprehension skills, fluency and automaticity. To support this, students are highly encouraged to read at home by regularly taking new levelled readers. Additionally, students will develop their oral language skills and spelling skills through evidence-based programs.


At Cassia, we implement the Prime mathematics program which is delivered to students through Explicit Direct Instruction to support their mastery with new concepts. This semester, students will learn about numbers to 20, how to identify and name shapes based on their attributes, add and subtract numbers fluently, and compare and measure lengths of objects.

Other Learning Areas

In History, we will be learning about the past, present and future, and how time has changed many aspects of life including transport, technology and music. Students will also develop their ICT skills in Digital Technologies, and learn how to be safe whilst using technology. In Health, students will continue to learn about The Zones of Regulation to support them in recognising and regulating their emotions. We also learn about hygiene, healthy eating and how to work cooperatively in groups.

Students also have the wonderful opportunity to learn Nyangumarta language, Art, Music, Sport, and Science from our amazing specialist teachers.  

We are having fun in Room 9 as we collectively work together to be responsible, resilient and successful learners.