Staff & Students - Room 19

Room 19 with Miss Jennifer Wijeratne

Hello and welcome to Room 19 with Miss Wijeratne. This is my second year teaching at Cassia Primary School and I look forward to working alongside the students in Room 19. In our classroom we will strive to be active and successful learners.


At Cassia Primary School we use the program Talk 4 Writing to teach reading and writing skills. In Room 19 we will be looking at different forms of texts such as cinquain poems, narratives and non-fiction texts. Students will be identifying the elements of different text structures and elements such as characterisation and how authors use this to make their stories interesting and intriguing. In Room 19 we will be looking at different spelling rules and punctuation. In reading students will be working on their comprehension and fluency.


In Number and Algebra, for Term 1, we are revising our abilities to multiply single digit numbers and are beginning to multiply double, and triple digit numbers. We will be using written strategies to help us solve these problems without technology. We are also learning about connected division and will be expanding our division knowledge through the Term, so that we are able to divide large numbers.

In measurement we will be identifying different types of 3D shapes, including the elements that make up those shapes. We will be focusing on the nets that different 3D shapes may have and how each net is made up of 2D shapes. Using this knowledge, we will then be creating our very own 3D shapes.

Our focus this term for statistics and probability will be identifying everyday scenarios and listing their likelihood of occurring by placing them on a range between 1-0.

Humanities and Social Sciences

In Term 1 for Humanities and Social Sciences we will be focusing on history. Students will be learning about Australia’s penal colonies and the affect this had on our economy and political system. Students will then be learning about the how the settlement of other nations has impacted the environment of Australia.  


For health Room 19 we will be looking at strategies we can use to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle that our peers can use. We will also be learning about ways that we as individuals can prevent unhealthy lifestyles and limit dangerous situations.  

Information Communication Technology

Room 19 will be identifying food safety and hygiene practices for Design and Technology in Term 1. In Digital Technology we will identify the basic functions used to connect and form networks to transmit data.

Together Room 19 will work hard to be responsible, resilient and successful learners.