Staff & Students - Room 2

Room 2 - Kindergarten - Miss Marlee Retz and Mrs Allanah McNaboe


Welcome to Kindy Room 2 with Miss Retz, Mrs McNaboe (EA) & Mrs Wainwright( Wednesdays)

In Literacy this term we are learning to recognise and write our names, and working on fine motor skills to help with our writing. To help us with our name writing we will be taking part in the “Writing in The Sand” program that helps us develop our pre-writing movements. We will learn the eight different movements that will help us to form the letters of the alphabet. We will also be learning about syllables, starting with identifying the syllables in our names and then looking at syllables in other words.

In Numeracy we are learning to name and locate our colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black, white, brown, grey and beige. We are also working on recognising common 2D shapes and developing our initial counting skills.

 Other skills we are developing in kindergarten are:
-Working with others
-Developing independence and social skills
-Developing oral language
-Asking lots of questions
-Making predictions and finding answers

Our classroom uses hands on sensory activities so we can touch, smell, see, hear and taste things around us. This helps us to learn about our environment and how we fit into it. We are also working on developing our fine and gross motor skills both inside and outside the classroom, conquering the obstacle course and trying new things! We use the Seesaw app to keep families up to date with photos of students and their work and it’s a great way for teacher / parent communication.

If you have any questions or would like to come and say hello please drop by for a chat.

Miss Retz

Education Assistant Mrs Allanah McNaboe

I am from a small South Pacific island called Fiji. I have lived in Port Hedland for the last 11 years and I am proud to call Hedland home. I am a mother of two children. I am passionate about fishing and education. I started working at Cassia in 2018 and prior to this I worked in childcare for 5 years.

I  currently work full time in Room 2 with Miss Retz and Mrs Wainwright. I look forward to teaching kindergarten children new skills. It brings me so much joy watching children master new skills.