Staff & Students - Room 3

Room 3 – Pre Primary – Miss Kylie Saber and Mrs Belinda Musumeci


Room 3 is a place where all students are given the opportunity to gain a sense of being, belonging and becoming and explore within the world they live. Ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity by being supported to ask lots of questions and most of all they will be given the opportunity to develop a passion for life-long learning. Students in this classroom will be encouraged and supported to embrace their own cultural identity as well as accepting and embracing others, in order to support the development of positive relationships with their peers and teachers.


This term we will be working hard to develop our early writing and reading skills using a variety of successful state-wide programs such as the Promoting Literacy Development Program, Talk for Writing and Writing In the Sand. These programs will help students to develop the skills and strategies required to be good readers and writers in the schooling years ahead. We will also have a large focus on oral language where the children will have multiple opportunities to extend their vocabulary.


In mathematics, this term and throughout the year we will be focusing on recognising, counting and writing numbers from 1-20, we will be looking at making collections and analysing data. Students will also have opportunities to explore and recognise familiar 2D and 3D shapes in the environment and we will be beginning to compare objects using mass, length and capacity through a variety of hands on experiences.


In History we will be learning about our families, the similarities and differences of family structures and home culture within the community and how special each family is in their own right.


We will also be partaking in a variety of specialised programs where children will gain the opportunity to learn a different set of skills and talents these include Art, Health, Digital Technology, Physical Education and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programs. There will also be a large focus on our social and emotional skills, where we will learn to identity and label our emotions and feelings as well as learn problem solving strategies on how to manage these emotions through our weekly Friendly School lessons.


Make sure you keep checking in on our Seesaw app for all the fantastic work that your children do. I am always available for any concerns or if you just want to come in and have a chat, let me know.


I look forward to a wonderful term ahead.


Kylie Saber.