Staff & Students - Room 4

Mrs Jessica Sparks(Teacher) and Mrs Jennifer Attwood(Education Assistant)


Classrom Teacher Mrs Jessica Sparks

Welcome to Room 4, where students are scientists, authors, explorers, thinkers, readers and creators. In Room 4 there is an emphasis on learning being fun and engaging for all students, every day.

 In Literacy, the students will be learning the necessary skills that they require to begin reading and writing. Through the Promoting Literacy Development program, we will be focusing on breaking words down into their individual sounds (segmenting and blending), recognising and articulating letters and sounds of the alphabet, and introducing common sight words. We will also reinforce conventions of print, such as reading and writing from left to right and top to bottom. When writing, we will be using the Writing in the Sand program to learn and practice how to correctly form letters before beginning to write simple words and sentences. In the area of Speaking and Listening we will be concentrating on listening to instructions and directions, along with active listening and communicating with others.  Through the Talk for Writing program the students will begin working on develop descriptive and expressive language skills. All of these skills become the foundation for future literacy learning.

In Mathematics we will be learning to count to and from 20 from any starting point and recognise, read, and write numbers to 10. We will name, draw and describe two-dimensional shapes and copy, continue and create patterns. The students will also learn to compare objects using length, weight and capacity.

 History is centered around the theme ‘All About Me’. The students will be looking at their families and discovering the similarities and differences of families within our classroom.

 Room 4 will also participate in specialty programs each week. Students will partake in Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, Science, Visual Arts,  Physical Education, Friendly Schools Plus, Health and Digital Technologies.

 I am looking forward to seeing the students progress through the year.

 Jessica Sparks



Education Assistant - Mrs Jennifer Attwood

My name is Jen Attwood. I have lived in Port/ South Hedland since 2001. I have 2 children, a son in Year 5 at Cassia and a daughter in Year 7 at Hedland Senior High. My family and I love to spend time together travelling, going camping and fishing. 

I have been working as a Mainstream EA at Cassia Primary School since 2013 and have spent my years working with the Kindy and Pre-Primary classes in ECE. During this time I have studied and completed my Cert 3 & 4 in Education Support and Cert 3 in Community services.

This is my 3rd year working alongside Mrs Sparks and part of my role is to assist her with the daily learning outcomes by working with the students in small group rotations and one on one situations. I also help to implement Individual Education Plans and behaviour management by following the PBS policies.

My role at Cassia also involves assisting students that require literacy intervention. I have been professionally trained to tutor the Multilit Minilit and Multilit Reading Tutor Programs. These programs both aim to fill in any gaps in the students literacy knowledge and help them to become fluent readers. I have seen many successes over the 3 years I have taught these programs. 

I find my job very rewarding and look forward to watching the progress of the Room 4 students this year.