Staff & Students - Room 6

Room 6 - Year 1 - Miss Ashleigh Obern


Welcome to Room 6, my name is Ashleigh Obern and I am the Classroom Teacher for 2019, working closely with my Educational Assistant Shelly Metcalf.

I enjoy motivating and engaging students to do their best and take risks to extend their personal limits. I believe in preparing and provide a foundation for each student to build on and encourage them to reach for their own potential. 

Throughout my teaching career, I have gained national and international experience with students with Autism, English as a Second Language and Students with Special Needs. Through these experiences I have learned and strongly believe that everyone learns in different ways and that not all children are ready to learn the same thing, at the same time, in the same way.  I strive to instil a love of learning and to make learning exciting and interesting. I strongly believe that children learn best through stimulating learning experiences.

At Cassia Primary School, we implement the Gradual Release Model of ‘I Do’, ‘We Do’ and ‘You Do’. The students in Room 6 will be provided with many opportunities to learn and practice the content.  

Over the year, your children will be working hard on the following concepts:

In Mathematics: