Staff & Students - Room 11

Room 11 - Year 2 - Mrs Donna Winter

Welcome to all our families to Room 11 in 2019. We have started Year Two getting to know the routines that we will have in place for the entire year. Homework will be sent home at the start of the week and needs to be returned on the last day of the week – I will always remind them when it is due. Students will take home 2 home readers if they have a homework folder. If they forget to take them home, please come in and get one or two. Students have their Mathletics login details attached to their homework folder and have access to this at home, I encourage all students to complete some activities at home.



Room 11 continue to use the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ (T4W) program in the classroom with our first imaginative text of the ‘Kings Beard’ – this is still a work in progress. Year 2 will be looking at imaginative and informative text types this term and using the skills from T4W to assist in their writing skills. Students will also be learning the structure of sentences and how to improve sentences by the use of language and detail.



Students will be building upon their prior knowledge from Year One and adding more vocabulary and skills. We will be developing place value skills as the students move from counting to 100 to 1000 – this is a skill that will take some time and focus. We will be continuing with number patterns using skip counting skills. Students are learning to use familiar informal units to measure length, and will start to use time in the classroom and focus on the hour and half past, we will progress onto knowing time to quarter past and quarter to the hour. Students will be investigating 2D shapes and their features. Room 11 will learn how to collect and represent data; this will also be incorporated into a STEM towards the end of the term where students need to collect data on birds in the unit ‘Every Bird Needs a Home’.



We have started to discuss what History is and what that means to us. We are looking at what has changed over time – what has changed since Mrs Winter was at school to now. This will lead onto investigating other items and objects that have changed over time and students will complete hands on activities such as making a telephone with cups and string.


I will endeavour to upload on Seesaw any announcements and photos of your students when we have done some amazing work or activities. Students have started to learn how to upload work they have completed in class onto Seesaw themselves using pic collage along with a range of other programs. If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact myself or the office and I will call to arrange an interview as soon as possible.


I look forward to working with the students in Room 11 and talking to you all throughout the year.


Mrs Donna Winter