Staff & Students - Room 15

Room 15 - Year 4 - Miss Rebekah Winning

Welcome to Room Fifteen, where students become scientists, artists, mathematicians, journalists and explorers just by walking through the door! In our classroom we will strive to be active and successful learners. We will inspire people around the school, achieve our goals and believe in ourselves and each other to be responsible and resilient individuals. 



At Cassia Primary School we are implementing the program Talk 4 Writing. In Room 15 we will be looking at different forms of texts such as poems, narratives and non-fiction texts. Students will be exploring elements of stories including characters and settings. For Spelling we will be looking at a range of spelling rules. During Reading, students will be working to build their comprehension and fluency. 



In Number and Algebra we are revising and reviewing different strategies to help with our addition and subtraction, such as bridging through ten, chunking and skip counting. Room 15 will also be working on extending our knowledge of place value into the hundred thousands.

In Measurement we will be identifying different types of 2D and 3D shapes, including the elements that make up those shapes. Throughout the term we will be identifying how certain shapes can be split or connected to make new shapes.

Our focus for Statistics and Probability will be identifying everyday scenarios and the likelihood of them occurring, as well as presenting data in a variety of ways.


Humanities and Social Sciences

This term for Humanities and Social Sciences we will be focusing on history. Students will be learning about Australia’s first people, who they are and how they lived before Australia was colonised. Students will then be learning about the first settlers that arrived in Australia. We will be identifying who were the first settlers, how they arrived and the interactions between the settlers and Australia’s first people.



I will be using Seesaw as much as possible throughout the year to keep you informed with how your student is progressing within the classroom. Please let me know if you have any concerns with your child and we can make an appointment to discuss these further.


I look forward to working with the students in Room 15 this year as we strive to be responsible, resilient and successful learners.


Rebekah Winning