Staff & Students - Room 17

Room 17 – Year 4/5 Mr Jeremy Kane and Mrs Sara Ellacott

Welcome to Room 17

We are excited to be working together to help your child achieve their full potential. Mrs Ellacott will be teaching Room 17 on Monday and Tuesday with Mr Kane taking the class on Thursday and Friday. Students have their specialist subjects the first half of the day on Wednesday and both Mrs Ellacott and Mr Kane will be with the class for the remainder of the day.

 One of our early focuses is on ensuring all students abide by the Cassia behaviour expectations: We are responsible, we are resilient and we reach for success. These create a safe and productive learning environment and lay the foundation for an excellent year of learning. Our school has significant resources and programs to support students in this including our Friendly Schools Plus program, Zones of Regulation and PBS.

In our Literacy blocks students will be developing their oral and written language skills through the Talk for Writing program. In addition to explicitly teaching writing skills on a word, sentence and whole text basis, Talk for Writing involves plenty of oral language practice. If students can’t say what they want to communicate, then they can’t write it. We hope you will see this at home when students recite the class text and share the actions that go with it. Talk for Writing also forms the basis for our shared reading program which helps students build skills in understanding written language. 

Our Numeracy blocks start with warm-ups to build automaticity of skills and consolidate students’ prior knowledge. In Number we are focusing on further developing our skills in applying place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers. Alongside, investigating numbers through identifying and describing factors and multiples of whole numbers to solve problems. Furthermore, we are broadening our mental computation skills in solving both simple and complex mathematical problems. In Measurement & Geometry we are learning about the properties of 2D shapes (Year 4) and investigating how different 2D nets can form 3D shapes (Year 5). We will then progress to measuring the area and perimeter of shapes. In Statistics and Probability we are learning how to collect data, the many ways to record it and how to select the most appropriate method.