Staff & Students - Room 18

Room 18 - Year 2/3 Mrs Amy Prichard

Welcome to Room 18

In English we will be using The Talk for Writing program, this will help to understand that different texts have identifiable structure and language features; we will look at ways to innovate and invent texts whilst having fun. Spelling, phonics and sight words will be implemented through the Diana Rigg method.

In Maths we will be 

Revising concepts as required, we will focus on number, measurement and statistics and probability concepts such as counting on, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, place value, number patterns, data collection and representation and Mathletics 

  • Reading, recognising and writing numbers to 100, 1000 (year 2’s) and 10,000 (Year 3’s)
  • Connecting number names, numerals and quantities to 100, 1000 (year 2’s) and 10,000 (Year 3’s)
  • Naming, describing and drawing the features of common 2D shapes (year 2) and 3D shapes (year 3’s).
  • Simple addition and subtraction

In History we will looking at technologies and how they have changes over the year and how this has impacted on people’s lives. We will be brainstorming, categorising, posing questions, comparing, learning about past and present, making and testing out simple versions of technologies such as paper cup phones and tin foil ovens!

Health we will be going through and revisiting the Zones of Regulation, exploring strategies and behaviours that promote health and well being.

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