Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Cassia Primary School includes the fields of art, craft and design. The students are encouraged to create original visual representations that communicate and express their imaginative ideas. They gain insight into the significance of Visual Art in society and learn how to respond to artistic works through their developing awareness of artworks from social, cultural and historical contexts.

Purposeful projects are set to inspire creativity and foster enjoyment and appreciation of Visual Art. Each class works on tasks that relate to their class topics as well as incorporating the necessary practical Visual Art skills.

Students learn through discovery and experimentation with elements of arts by utilising visual techniques, processes and technologies. Art Journals continue to serve as an on ongoing documentation of ideas and skills when developing project concepts. Students also learn to write artist statements that include descriptions of their artwork to support audience to better understand their work. The goals and assessment criteria are discussed with each class and encourage a good standard and appropriate skill level while still providing challenges to extend all students.

Displaying the artwork is an important aspect of the program. The presentation varies from showcasing within the Art Room and the front office to whole school exhibitions.