Room 1

Kindergarten – Mrs Samantha Merry

Welcome to Room One where students play, learn and grow together. My name is Mrs. Samantha Merry, and I am the Kindergarten teacher in Room 1.

I have lived in the Pilbara since 2017 and this is my third-year teaching at Cassia Primary School.

In Literacy, we will be learning to recognise and write our names. To help develop our pre-writing skills we will take part in the “Writing in the Sand “program that helps us to develop and master pre-writing movements. This term we will be focusing on initial sounds, oral blending, letter sound recognition and pre-reading skills.

In Numeracy we are learning sequential counting and ordering of numerals, one to one correspondence, number recognition, measurement, positional language, subitising and copying and extending two variable patterns. 

Other skills we are learning in kindergarten are:

  • Social skills (turn taking, sharing, speaking, listening)
  • Fine motor development
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Problem solving
  • Wellbeing (rest, exercise and health and nutrition)
  • Self-help skills (washing hands, personal hygiene, caring for belongings)
  • Regulating behaviours and emotions
  • Independence
  • Curiosity and a sense of wonder

Please sign up to and stay tuned to Seesaw to see all the wonderful and fun learning experiences that your child engages in during their days at school. I look forward to sharing your child’s first year of school with you. Enjoy this wonderful shared adventure, as you and your child begin your magical journey at Cassia Primary.