Room 10

Year 2 – Mrs Karen Derschow & Mrs Belinda Clements

In Room 10 all students are encouraged to embrace learning with great enthusiasm.  Through explicit instruction students are provided multiple opportunities to practice skills and learn content.

Talk for Writing is a key component of our Literacy Block, allowing for engaging writing and reading lessons centred around a modelled text. Our Magpie Wall and Toolkit displays are important resources for development in vocabulary and writing techniques. 

This term in Mathematics, we are engaging with PRIME Mathematical Program. Students will be consolidating number knowledge and understandings to 1000, focusing on mental addition and subtraction and reviewing and 2D and 3D shapes.

ICT is embedded in all areas of learning, along with the Cross Curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, and Sustainability. Students are encouraged to develop higher forms of thinking, such as analysing and evaluating.

We are having fun in Room 10 discovering new topics, and improving learned skills.