Room 11

Year 2 – Miss Ebony Brown & Mrs Belinda Clements

Hello and welcome to Room 11. My name is Ebony Brown and I will be teaching Year 2’s at Cassia Primary. In our classroom this year our focus is to be friendly and kind students while striving for success and becoming active, successful learners.


At Cassia we use several programs to target all areas of literacy. These include Talk for Writing, Talk for Reading and Diana Rigg’s PLD. In Room 11 we will dive into exploring different forms of texts such as poetry, narratives and non-fiction texts. Students will be identifying the elements of different text structures and expanding on their creativity. We will incorporate spelling rules into our daily tasks, with a focus on comprehension, punctuation and fluency throughout all areas of reading.


As a whole school approach we are currently implementing the PRIME program focusing on areas such as place value. Students will be identifying numbers up to 1000 focusing on four place values. Students will also be focusing on mental strategies in the areas of addition and subtraction. With a variety of different areas that will be addressed though out the year including number patterns, money, seasons, chance and much more!

Information Communication and Technology

In ICT we will be learning about technology and design, creating products that meet the needs of society. In Digital Technology we will be exploring the digital systems and patterns within data.


At Cassia we use several whole school strategies that will be taught throughout the year, which include Positive Behaviour Support and Zones of Regulation. These will support students to identify their emotions and develop self regulation skills. Students will expand their knowledge of incorporating a healthy diet into their lives and the importance of physical education. A priority in our class is to always be friendly and kind to others, while using bucket fillers each day to implement this. We will also explore the use of safe and meaningful social interactions and how to handle negative interactions. We will work together to become responsible, resilient and successful learners. I look forward to a fun, creative and proficient year.