Room 11

Year 2 – Miss Ebony Brown

Hello and welcome to Room 11!

At Cassia Primary School, we support our students with the Explicit Direct Teaching Strategy. We use EDI across all learning areas including Literacy and Numeracy. This helps to support student engagement, give immediate feedback and checking for understanding making these the key priorities in our school philosophy. 

This term we have been learning a variety of subjects. In spelling we have been learning a range of diagraphs with different groups focusing on specific diagraphs. In Talk for Writing our focus has been looking at different opening and ending in stories. We have been exploring a variety of ways to make our beginning and endings engaging to readers. In Talk for Reading, we have been focusing on Dream time stories and the inferred and implied meaning behind a range of these texts.  

In Mathematics we started the term off by focusing on Volume and Capacity, looking at how liquid can be measured in Millilitres and Litres. We are now focusing on Multiplication and Division targeting specifically 2, 4, 5 and 10 Times Tables. This is supported with the PRIME Maths books. 

In health we have been using the Positive Behaviour Support Model and the Zones of Regulation to support student’s identity and their emotions when learning to self-regulate. This is supported with lessons from Friendly School’s Plus which encourages students to discuss their emotions, focus on creating positive friendships using kind words and how to handle negative interactions. We will work together to become responsible, resilient and successful learners.

In ICT we will be learning how to operate software on a computer and an iPad. This will help in our STEM projects when sourcing information about our topic ‘Will the Boat Sink?’. In STEM we are investigating types of Boats using our inquiry skills to research create and design a boat that will not sink. We use reflective thinking to help us when we make mistakes and think of solutions that could help us in the future. I look forward to a fun, creative and proficient Term 3 and 4.