Room 13

Year 2/3 – Miss Emily Glasson

Hello and welcome to all our families in Room 13 for 2021. My name is Miss Emily Glasson and I have the pleasure of teaching Year 2/3 at Cassia Primary School. In our classroom we will constantly strive to achieve our best in all learning area whilst being friendly, respectful and resilient members of our school community.


As part of a whole school approach, we will be following the Talk for Writing program which will develop our comprehension skills, vocabulary and knowledge of text structures. We will be looking at poetry, narratives and non-fiction texts. We will also be using the Talk for Reading program to enhance our reading comprehension skills, as well as reading with more fluency and automaticity. To support this, students are encouraged to read at home every night for homework by taking home levelled reader books.


In Numeracy we are currently implementing the whole school approach of using the program Prime. This term we will be focussing on modelling, reading and writing numbers using place value. We will also be learning about measurement, chance, shapes, money, mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and much more!


In Health will be looking at healthy eating and the importance of physical exercise for health and wellbeing. We will also be learning about Zones of Regulation and PBS strategies which the whole school take part in. These strategies will support students in identifying and regulating their emotions. We will also focus on how to have positive, safe and meaningful social interactions, and how our relationships and responsibilities change as we grow older.


In Room 13 we will be learning about the design, creation and use of different technologies that will enable students to be creative and use their problem solving skills.

As a whole class we will collectively work together to be responsible, resilient and successful learners. I look forward to this year being full of fun, accomplishments and self-development!