Room 14

Year 3 – Miss Kelly Westcott

Welcome to Room 14. My name is Kelly Westcott and I will be the classroom teacher in 2021. This is my third year teaching at Cassia Primary School and I am looking forward to another year of learning.


At Cassia we implement the ‘Talk for Writing‘ (T4W) literacy program. This program is based on the principles of how children learn, and uses story boards paired with actions and imitation to support students in their independent writing. For spelling we will be following the whole school approach of using the PLD Diana Rigg synthetic phonics program. This year students will learn how to write in Victorian Modern Cursive, with joining the letters to begin ‘running writing’.


This year students will be using PRIME Mathematics as our whole school program. We are focusing on place value and number in Term 1 where students will learn multiple ways to read, represent and count numbers to 10,000.

Social skills and ICT

Students will be using ICT throughout the year and we will be building on their ability to use computers and technology. We will be also expanding our social skills and exploring ideas such as assertive choices. 

Thank you for being a part of the Cassia community, it will be an exciting year.