Room 16

Year 3 – Ms Bianca Reynolds

Welcome to all our families, friends, and community to Room 16. I have the pleasure of teaching Year 3, which is a very exciting year, full of learning and developing our independence. I encourage students to achieve to the best of their abilities and with our recent professional development in Explicit Direct Instruction we have been implementing  strategies to develop learning experiences which support student engagement, effectively teach content, providing immediate feedback, and making sure that concepts and skills are learnt and understood.


As a whole school approach, we are continuing with Talk for Writing. This program allows us to utilise the gradual release model to develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, text structure and much more. Students are encouraged to read at home each night for homework, as research has shown that higher exposure to literature supports increased outcomes in literacy. We implement a phonics-based spelling program, PLD, and incorporating the resources developed.  


In mathematics we have implemented PRIME which supports our Explicit Direct Instruction approach.We will build on automaticity skills, increase vocabulary, and consolidate concepts covered through warm ups. Students will be explicitly taught strategies to problem solve, with multiple opportunities to apply these skills in a variety of ways.

In all areas of learning, ICT is embedded along with Cross Curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, and Sustainability. Students are supported in developing and applying skills in higher forms of thinking. 

I am looking forward to a great year of discovery in Room 16, with a diverse group of students that embody our school’s philosophies and strive to succeed.