Room 20

Year 4/5 – Mr Riley Jupp

Semester one was an absolute blast in Room 20. The classroom environment was fulfilled with newly formed friendships. Having both Year 4’s and Year 5’s has been a fantastic opportunity for both year levels to gain leadership skills which demonstrates reaching for success. Routines are set in place so that students are aware of what they have to do and achieve each day. Students are always encouraged to follow the behaviour expectations of Cassia Primary School which are, We are Responsible, We are Resilient and We Reach for Success. We are lucky enough to have Mrs Christine Shelton as part of our classroom. Christine is a valuable staff member of Cassia, assisting our class with her valuable knowledge and skills in our school wide PLD program. 

We are implementing Explicit Direct Instruction as a schoolwide program, my focus as a teacher is to make sure that concept development for all students is supported using academic language with questions to check for understanding.  

Literacy blocks students are working on spelling words and dictation at their ability levels. Talk for Writing continues to be implemented to enhance their writing skills – our focus this term is suspense writing and using tools to have their writing sound exciting and suspenseful. 

The students are really starting to grasp the implementation of the PRIME Math program. Students are currently grasping concepts such as adding and subtracting decimals and flourishing in the process. 

Room 20 continue with specialist subject areas in LOTE (Indonesian), Science, Art, PE and Music. Our class will develop their technology skills through STEM and Media activities. 

In Health, students are further developing their knowledge about empathy and how to be more empathetic in their growing, positive relationships with others. 

If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact myself through Seesaw or the front office and I will call to arrange an interview as soon as possible. Mornings are generally busy with getting the day ready; however, I am available most afternoons if you would like to organise a time to stop by.