Room 22

Year 5/6 – Miss Juliana Doyle

Welcome back for Semester 2, I’m so excited to have you here!

Through positive behaviour lessons during the week, we refamiliarise with the school values, routines and how to be successful with our behaviours. Embodying our school values of resilience, responsibility and reaching for success helps us to create a positive learning environment and a great place to be. Social emotional learning is as important as academic learning and through programs such as the Zones of Regulation and PBS lessons students are given the tools to be effective learners.

My class is primarily Year 5 and so I will continue to align closely with Mrs Winter and Miss Nelson to support my Year 6’s.

During Literacy students will be undertaking Talk for Writing, Talk for Reading, the Diana Rigg spelling program and handwriting. Talk for Writing gives students the toolkit to expand their writing skills and vocabulary. Talk for Reading improves the student’s fluency and reading comprehension. In addition, there will also be home readers sent home to encourage you to read with your child. If you have any questions about these please don’t hesitate to contact me. The Diana Rigg spelling program challenges students while supporting them to improve their spelling.

In Numeracy we are implementing the Prime mathematics program. Students begin the math lesson with a warm up of mental maths and revision of previous topics before undertaking new concepts through Prime. Students are explicitly taught the tools to problem solve and link these skills to real life. This term in Year 5 we’ll be covering money, time and fractions. In Year 6 we’ll be covering algebra in anticipation of high school next year. 

HASS will be taken by Mr. Gunendra and the students are studying economics, business and history. In Health students are working on emotional health and wellbeing. In media students are working up to creating advertisements and for Design & Technology the students are focusing on forces of push and pull.

Monday is our library day and Thursday morning they take Physical Education. On Friday following assembly students take Music, Indonesian, Art, and Science.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and helping your child to reach for success! Please feel free to contact me on Seesaw with any concerns or questions, or make an appointment through the Front Office.