Room 23

Year 6 – Mrs Donna Winter

Welcome to all our families to Room 23 in 2021. I look forward to spending the year with your children as they complete their last year of schooling at Cassia Primary School. We have many great activities coming up with fund raising events that will assist with camp and graduation.

We will start the year with getting to know the routines that we will have in place for the entire year. Homework will start in Week Two and continue for the remainder of the year – activities may change to assist in transitioning into High School. Students will be able to take home readers or are encouraged to read something of interest each day.

Room 23 will continue to use the ’Talk 4 Writing’ (T4W) program in the classroom and will be looking at poetry, imaginative and informative text types each term. We will be using the skills from T4W to enhance writing skills. Students will continue to focus on the structure of sentences and paragraphs and how to improve their writing by the use of language and detail.

Students will continue to develop their Mathematics knowledge and understanding throughout the year with the introduction of PRIME workbooks into the classroom. We will be building on their mental computation skills and their independence towards their learning goals with these skills utilised in other subject areas.

Room 23 will continue with specialist subject areas in LOTE (Indonesian), Science, Art, PE and the first year of Music. Our class will develop skills that will assist them with teamwork and presenting during STEM through Technologies and Media.

During HASS our Year 6 students will be learning about Civics and Citizenship, History, Geography and Economics and Business studies throughout the year.

Students will be taking more ownership of their learning journey and goals and will be using Seesaw to upload and record their progress. Seesaw is a fantastic tool the school uses to keep contact with parents and care givers. I will endeavour to upload to Seesaw any announcements and photos of your children when we have done some amazing work or activities. Please feel free to use this to contact me such as letting me know if your child will be away or if you have any concerns and need to make a meeting. I do monitor Seesaw however will only follow any school related issues during school hours so please do not be offended if I do not reply outside of these times.

If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact myself or the front office and I will call to arrange an interview as soon as possible. Mornings are generally busy with getting the day ready however I am available most afternoons if you would like to pop in for a quick chat.

I look forward to working with the students and families in Room 23 and talking to you all throughout the year.