Room 4

Pre-Primary – Mrs Catherine Matthys & Mrs Maricris Dupra

Hello, I’m Catherine Matthys and this is my second year at Cassia Primary School.  I will be working alongside Ms Dupra and all the specialist teachers to provide the best possible education for your child in 2021. In Room 4 we will endeavour to create a welcoming environment where all students feel safe, have a sense of belonging and will be encouraged and supported to embrace their own cultural identity as well as accepting and embracing others.

I am passionate about early childhood education. I believe that all children are precious and that every child deserves a high quality education. I incorporate play-based activities, as I believe pre-primary students learn through experience in play by exploring, constructing and manipulating concrete materials. I have an open door policy and like to work alongside parents and carers.

To enhance students learning I will be using Explicit Direction Instruction in all subjects. Our focus in Literacy is to build the foundations for reading and writing which includes a focus on oral language where the children will have multiple opportunities to extend their vocabulary. The children will be learning this through the following successful and proven programs; Promoting Literacy Development Program, Talk for Writing and Writing in the Sand, which is displayed in your children’s colourful posters around our classroom.

In Numeracy, this term we are starting with numbers, in particular on recognising, counting making collections and writing numbers from 1-5, then continuing on throughout the year up to 20 and beyond. Next this term we will begin to compare objects using length, mass and analysing data. Later in the year students will also have opportunities to explore and recognise familiar two and three dimensional shapes and capacity through a variety of hands on experiences.

This semester in History we’ll be starting with the topic of Families, looking at the similarities and differences of family structures and home culture within the community and how special each family is and also talk about the different places we come from. Next semester we will move on to Geography. In Health we are learning about healthy eating and using the Friendly School program to support students’ Social and Emotional development. Our class will also incorporate the program Zones of Regulation where we will learn to identity and label our emotions and feelings as well as learn problem solving strategies on how to manage these emotions.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays for parts of the day our class will also be partaking in a variety of specialised programs which include Art, Music, Science, Physical Education and Languages Other Than English (L.O.T.E).

Make sure you keep checking in on our Seesaw app for all the fantastic work that your child is participating in.

I am looking forward to a fun, engaging year with Room 4 and watching the students grow in their learning and blossom. Everyone can remember a teacher who inspired and motivated them to work hard and be successful. I hope to be this type of teacher for your child.