Room 6

Year 1 – Ms. Brittany Smeed

My name is Miss Smeed and I am so excited to be coming into Room 6 as Mrs. Sparks goes on maternity leave. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Bailey to support us in our learning as well as many other allied professionals. I am approaching this semester with enthusiasm and hope to foster a love for learning as we as a class are inspired by the world around us. As stated in Cassia’s school vision, all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and through the use of the evidence based approach of explicit direct instruction new concepts in Mathematics and English are delivered in a strategic manner in order for all students to learn.

In Literacy we continue to practice and improve our skills in spelling, writing and reading through a range of credited and targeted programs. In Talk for Writing we are loving doing our actions for our model text “The Creek”, which we are using to focus on the importance of setting in stories. We are learning how we can use tools such as envisioning a setting by using our senses and then using adjectives and similes to describe it. We have gotten really good at coming up with our own similes! We are also loving Talk for Reading, with our focus text being “Where the Wild Things Are”. Reading the story and answering comprehension questions about it has got us all wanting to join the Wild Things for a rumpus! 

In Numeracy we are always practicing our counting to 100, by 1’s, by 2’s and backwards, and we love to have a boogie while we do it! We will be learning different strategies to do subtraction, how to measure capacity, reading and understanding graphs, and about Australian money. 

We are lucky enough to have Mr G teach HASS, and this term we are learning about different types of weather, we were all shocked to learn the crazy things that have rained from the sky before, such as alligators! 

In health we are learning all about safety, such as road safety, medicine safety, bike safety, pool safety and much more. 

In digital technology we are learning all about data, why it is important, how digital devices use it and we are practicing sorting and recording data ourselves. 

In design and technology, we have been inspired by the boat that Max sailed away on in “Where the Wild Things Are” so we are going to design and build our own boat to float. We are currently thinking about what materials float and might be a good choice for our design. 

We celebrate positive behaviour in Room 6, with students working hard to demonstrate Cassia’s behaviour expectations of “we are responsible, we are resilient and we reach for success”. These expectations are certainly demonstrated in Room 6 and students are continuing to earn greenies, with several students reaching “super” and “champion” status, with “expert” the next level. 

I am loving being in Room 6 and look forward to a fantastic semester two learning altogether.