Room 6

Year 1 – Mrs Jessica Sparks

Welcome to Room 6, where students are scientists, authors, explorers, thinkers, readers and creators. In Room 6 there is an emphasis on learning being fun and engaging for all students, every day.

In English, we will be focusing on continuing to develop the necessary skills that are required to read and write. Through the Promoting Literacy Development Program we will be working on recognising and articulating letters and sounds of the alphabet, blending sounds together to read words and breaking words down into their individual sounds to write them. We will be using the Talk for Writing program to develop students descriptive and expressive language skills and their writing skills. Through the Talk for Reading program students will explicitly learn key comprehension strategies. Students will use short differentiated decodable texts to develop their ability to read.

In Mathematics we will be learning to count to and from 100 from any starting point and recognise, read, and write numbers to 100. We will name, draw and describe two-dimensional shapes and copy, continue and create patterns. Students will begin to learn the likelihood and outcome of familiar events.

In History, students are focusing on the past and present family life. Students will be learning how family sizes, structures and roles have changed over time. 

In Health we will be using the Zones of Regulation to recognise our emotions and what strategies to we can use self-regulate.

I am really excited for this year and to see all the amazing learning that will occur.