Room 8

Year 1 – Miss Marlee Retz

Room 8 have had a great term three thus far, completing our class assembly on the weather. In HASS we have been learning about and comparing the weather in different places, what clothes we need to suit that weather and how we can collect information about and predict the weather.

In Literacy we have been learning the text “The Creek” for Talk for Writing and focusing on how to construct a detailed setting in our writing. We have created a toolkit that we can refer to including; using similes, adjectives and our senses to describe setting. In Talk For Reading we have been reading “Where the Wild things are” and focusing on new vocabulary and our emotions.

In Numeracy we are continuing to focus on number knowledge to 100, reading and writing numbers and consolidating principles of counting. We are have started to learn about positional language and following directions, comparing and ordering coins and measuring mass and capacity.

Other skills we are continuing to develop are:

  • Working with others
  • Developing independence and social skills
  • Developing oral language
  • Asking lots of questions
  • Making predictions and finding answers