Room 9

Year 1/2 – Miss Sienna Breen

Welcome to Year 1 / 2, Room 9 with Miss Breen!

I have recently moved to South Hedland to begin my first year at Cassia Primary School. I have been a teacher for 3 years and started my career in Katanning, Western Australia. I am very excited for the year ahead and look forward to helping all my students reach for success and achieve great work in 2021.

Below you will find everything we will be covering in our lessons in Term One.

In Literacy, we will be using the Heggerty Program (for Oral Language Development), the Diana Rigg Program (to improve our spelling), PLD program (to develop our understanding with Phonics), the Talk for Writing program (to help us become better writers) and the Talk for Reading program (to assist us in comprehending texts that we read).

The students are especially excited for the text we have chosen for the ‘Talk for Reading’ program. Tell Me a Dragon is a wonderful story that describes different types of Dragons in all sorts of ways. We started the Term off by going on a dragon egg hunt and creating our own dragon eggs using Paper Mache.

In Numeracy we are learning our numbers to and beyond 20, identifying and naming 2D shapes, and increasing our fluency with addition and subtraction facts.

In HASS, we are learning about families and how some families are different to our own. We will also be developing our ICT skills in our Digital Technology class. At Cassia, students learn how to handwrite, using Victorian Modern Cursive font. In Health, students will be learning about how to be hygienic and stop the spread of germs. They will also be learning about Zones of Regulation and how to recognise and regulate their emotions based on the zones (e.g. – green = happy, yellow = silly, blue = sad and red = angry). The students are also very lucky to have other amazing teachers on a Monday who will be teaching them Sport, Science, Music, and Language.

Other skills that students will be working on include:

  • Positive Behaviour
  • Fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Working with others
  • Developing independence and social skills
  • Problem solving

Feel free to pop in after school for a quick chat. If you have any specific concerns then an appointment can be made by contacting the Front Office.