Principal’s message – Jacqueline Barry

Wayapa (welcome) to Cassia Primary School. The school is situated on Kariyarra land in the Pilbara Region. The school fosters a love of learning through our motto of Inspire, Believe, Achieve that will see children thrive in a challenging and complex world, and encourage them to harness their individual strengths and address their areas of need. Since opening its doors in 1981, Cassia Primary School has developed an enviable reputation within the local Hedland community for providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing educational environment for all students. Cassia Primary School is a place where staff are keen to work, where parents want their children to attend and where students want to learn. The schools motto of Inspire, Believe and Achieve transpires every moment of school life with a keen sense of community assisted by the School Board and Parents and Citizens Associations. Cassia Primary School has a focus on High Performance and High Care with each classroom well presented and equipped to support student learning.  Technology forms part of the learning process with students learning the skills necessary for the 21st Century. Classrooms are equipped with laptops, iPads and interactive technology including robotics and coding to support the learning program with significant focus on English and Mathematics.

A Whole School Planning process is embedded as part of the school culture to strategically plan and implement targeted actions that result in whole school improvements. This includes a Business Plan, Workforce Plan and Strategic Plan. In 2018 the school underwent a Public School Review Process for IPS schools to verify the schools conclusions and processes identified in the areas of its Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan. The school is due for another review in 2022. The Board, staff and students participated in this process and you can see the review documents on the website. The current Business plan is focused on three core areas including students, staff and community with a strong focus on student achievement across all learning areas, an emphasis on reaching aspirational literacy and numeracy targets and supporting the development of staff.

We currently have just under 600 students K-6 and have 35 children aged 0-4 enrolled in our BHP Pilbara Education Partnership Early Learning Program. Student achievement is taken very seriously – it is the main game for everyone. The bar is set high, with an expectation that with proper support and commitment, each child can achieve their potential.

The Pilbara Partnerships for Student Success has supported our staff with Attendance Strategies and the implementation of writing support programs such as Talk for Writing. This partnership concluded in 2020 however from this partnership we have developed lead teachers to support the sustainability of these progream The school will continue with intervention programs such as Minilit, Maclit and Reading Tutor Program to provide additional support for students at risk in Literacy with Tier 2 in class interventions through PLD.

We run additional programs to support students such as Physical education Program, Visual Arts, Science, LOTE Indonesian Year 3-6 and LOTE Nyangumarta Kindy to Year 2. Nyangumarta is a traditionally recognised regional language, whilst not the language of the local area this is the language that is most commonly spoken amongst people in the region. Responding to Intervention are key components of individualised and specific student supports. We welcome your association with our school and look forward to working together as an Independent Public School to make these years of education a rewarding experience for your child.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you through our website to view a a snapshot of our school. Further information can also be found by downloading our Compass App on the App Store or Google Play – simply search for Cassia Primary School where you will receive instant updates and news from the school. We also have the Seesaw App which is for communicating with our teachers and all classroom information and updates.