Music with Mr Russell Lindsay

Cassia Primary School has a wonderfully resourced Music Room where students engage in a program of high quality music experiences following the Western Australian Curriculum, supported by their teacher and attentive Allied Professionals. In all year levels we explore musical elements of beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, dynamics, texture, form and tempo using the skills of singing, listening, moving and playing. Students read, write and play using simple, graphic music notation We regularly appreciate high quality examples of world music and students work towards demonstrating their own creativity and performing together using their musical knowledge and skills. 

Music is a chance to relax, reflect, to think and to create. Students learn to listen intently and to describe what they hear, and feel. Students find and develop their voice and their confidence. Music integrates aspects of mathematics, literacy, and appreciation of world cultures. Music requires discipline and routine. Through music students can improve their fine motor skills and bodily coordination. 

It is a privilege and pleasure to teach Music at Cassia Primary School.