Mr Russell Lindsay

It is my pleasure to be the Music Teacher at Cassia Primary School this year. I came to Cassia in 2019 and have been very happy working here and living in South Hedland. Music has always been one of my strong interest areas and I am so glad to bring music to the children of Cassia Primary School. We are very lucky at Cassia Primary School because we now have a beautiful and wonderfully resourced music room. In this room students will undergo a sequential program of music lessons which will provide them with experiences in listening, singing, moving, playing, and creating. We will learn the elements of music one by one. The first of them all is beat. Think of beat as the bread in a sandwich. Without the bread there is no sandwich. Without a beat there is no music.

In 2013 in Victoria there was a parliamentary inquiry into the benefits of music education in schools. The committee chair Mrs Jan Kronberg MLC said “Music education should be an essential part of every young person’s education. Not only do they gain enjoyment and reward from making and listening to music, but research shows that learning music can lead to improved student engagement at school and enhanced social wellbeing.” What a good thing to have in our school!

Remember everybody, music is for everyone. All around the world, all peoples make music. There are many different styles, but all people express themselves through music in ways simple, and grand. At Cassia Primary School students will receive a good musical education.

Please come and see me after school with any questions or comments.