Physical Education

Mr Voda van der Merwe

Welcome to Physical Education 2021. My name is Wouter van der Merwe and I am the Physical Education Specialist at Cassia Primary.

Physical Education provides opportunity for students to practice and develop a range of new skills, including: physical, mental, emotional and social skills. Physical Education provides opportunity for growth in the above mentioned areas through the combination of team work, communication and collectively solving problems to overcome challenges within sport.

Basketball is the focus sport for Term 3. While all year levels will endeavour in basketball, each year level will have a different focus outcome:The focus for Pre-Primary, Year 1 & 2 will be fundamental movement skills which involves spatial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination and a variety of modified sporting games. Students will be encouraged to utilise appropriate skills within modified games.Year 3 & 4 will have a focus on developing game specific skills and applying these in game-play scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on student communication and problem solving skills throughout a range of modified team games.Year 5 & 6 will focus on tactics, gameplay and skill improvement.

The student’s lessons will be centred on incorporating previous learnt skills and applying them within game-play. Students will also be given knowledge to understand tactics and strategies used to gain advantages in sport. This semester I will have a strong emphasis around inclusivity, resiliency and problem solving. Students have greater opportunity to improve their sporting ability when they are able to overcome adversity whilst performing in an inclusive and supportive environment. I am extremely excited about working with and getting to know all the students this year.Mr van der Merwe