Miss Erin Smith

Hello my name is Miss Erin Smith and I am the Science teacher here at Cassia Primary School. 

Throughout the year students will learn four major science topics; Biological Sciences (Term One), Physical Sciences (Term Two), Earth and Space Sciences (Term Three) and Chemical Sciences (Term Four). During science lessons students have an opportunity to develop new skills in areas such as questioning and predicting, nature and development, planning and conducting investigations and processing and analysing data and information collected by the students. 

Cassia Primary School is also involved in the I2S2 program through the CSIRO. The Indigenous STEM Education Project aims to increase participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This program incorporates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander technologies used in the past and present, such as tools, life skills and building shelters in different parts of Australia. This is an amazing opportunity for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to share their knowledge and embrace their culture.